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Lunch under $10 at Byblos Cuisine and Pastry

​It is very likely when you dine at Byblos, an elegant yet causal restaurant on South Mill in Tempe, you will be greeted or served by owner Samir Mirza. Originally from the ancient town of Byblos, Lebanon, he opened the restaurant 27 years ago with his sister, Jamale Mirza. 

The food here is fresh and made from scratch. The lunch menu is chock full of choices under $10. 

With a wide selection of vegetarian and meaty dishes, everything we tasted at Byblos was evenly balanced, well textured, and came with superb service. Most of the lunch fare even comes with a cup of soup. The day we dined there, Samir let us choose between "tomato to die for or lentil to fight for."

Find out what else there is, after the jump.

​The honey pudding is a simple white custard lightly infused with orange blossom essence, topped with crushed pistachios. Samir will squeeze a generous amount on top for you, then leave the bear-shaped honey container on your table so you can add as much as you'd like. They also offer several varieties of cake, cheesecakes, and pies.

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Michelle Martinez