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Lunch Under $10 at China Magic Noodle House

A few doors down from Lee Lee's Market on the northeast corner of Warner and Dobson in Chandler, the China Magic Noodle House pulls and boils your noodle dishes to order for under $10. The dining room is decorated with modern furnishings and there is a large window overlooking the chef pulling the dough to make the noodles for your dish when you order them.

China Magic offers five types of noodles served in a variety of ways: braised in or topped with various sauces, in soup, or fried.

With plates of noodles starting at $4, it is easy to stay on a budget and have an authentic Chinese noodle experience. 

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Beef Noodles with Lemon and Garlic Sauce ($5.95) pairs the noodles with a light, almost sweet citrusy sauce, chilled beef that is sliced thin, and fresh lemon. The mix of flavors, textures, and temperatures make this a refreshing meal on a hot day.

Vegetarian noodle dishes are available and are priced around $4 a plate. They offer Cold Noodles with Fresh Fruit for $7.95 and Seafood Noodles with Creamy Sauce for $5.95. Noodles in Soup range from $5.25- $5.95 with various meat or vegetarian choices. Other savory noodle dishes include fried noodles. We tried the Beef with Fried Noodles for $7.95.

In addition to noodles, China Magic serves squeezed to order juices. A Mango, Watermelon, or Honey Peach juice or smoothie will run you $3.25, or $3.75 if you add tapioca pearls. A soda costs $1.00, with house made lemonade or lemon at $2.00. There is also a variety of appetizers from Egg Rolls ($2.50) to Pig Ears ($4.50/$7.75) with Chicken Wings ($4.95) and Teriyaki on a Stick ($4.95). The prices stay the same for dinner as they are for lunch. 

China Magic also is located at 2015 N. Dobson Rd. in Chandler. 

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