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Lunch Under $10 at Crepe Bar in Tempe

Good French cooking can be hard to find in Phoenix. When Crepe Bar opened its doors last year, we Chow Bella-ers jumped all over it. Not only was there finally a good place to grab delicious French cooking, it was also cheap and available during daylight hours. Every so often, we find ourselves drifting toward south Tempe just so we can pop in for a quick and inexpensive lunch.

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Honestly, we haven't yet had a crepe combination from Crepe Bar that we didn't like. However, some of them certainly stand out more than the others. The impossibly delicate and subtle flavors of the roasted chicken crepe transport us to the French countryside with every bite. The pickled peppers, white cheddar, onions, and pesto back up the chicken perfectly.

We also love the seasonal veggie crepe with goat cheese. It's definitely got a little more spice than the roasted chicken crepe, and it comes garnished with a crunchy Parmesan "cracker" on top. Another spicy(ish) option with Arizona sensibilities is the breakfast burrito option with a chipotle crepe and avocado salsa. Most savory crepes are about $7.

Our sweet tooth usually takes over at Crepe Bar, though, forcing us to get the First Time. We find ourselves craving the Nutella, banana brulée, and candied walnut combination on a regular basis. Plus, the sweet crepes are $2 to $3 cheaper than their savory friends. The chocolate and nutty sweetness of the First Time complements Crepe Bar's lattes perfectly, which are always carefully made with lovely latte art.

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