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Lunch under $10 at Dragon Wok in Gilbert

When we hear about soup so delicious the restaurant that offers it sells out of it nearly every day, we definitely get curious. When it comes with promises of flu-fighting magic, it's pretty much a must have, rocketing to the top of our taste test list. Dragon Wok's slow-cooked-with-love broths carry both distinguishers.

One of the main things that sets Dragon Wok apart from the get go is the bright, up-to-date décor, which puts most local Chinese eateries to shame, especially all of those buffets. With a pleasant booth secured for lunching, we were ready to see if this magic soup will bring an end to our month-long affair with the sniffles.

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Does anyone else remember that episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark where Dr. Vink made that special green soup out of the fears naughty servers and busboys and everyone was obsessed with the secretly devilish concoction? Well, sitting in Dragon Wok around lunchtime is a similar sensation--almost every one who walks in gets a cup or bowl of soup and if not, they definitely get it as a side with their meal.

"Cups" of soup (which are a pint) cost $5.99 at lunch and bowls (which are a quart) cost $7.99. The offer hot and sour, wor wonton and egg drop soups. We got a cup of hot and sour soup, which was plenty, but we're never satisfied without egg rolls, so we tacked two on for $3.99. While we love our egg rolls, it's the soup we came to Dragon Wok to taste.

One sip of the broth shows why it's so darn popular. Every day the kitchen bubbles up a limited amount of the gingery, spicy and tangy cure-all that goes into the hot and sour soup. That along with veggies, bean curd, shrimp and the well-balanced sweetness of the roasted pork make for a delicious soup experience, whether it cures your cold or not. (Our personal jury's still out.)

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