Lunch Under $10 at Jobot in Phoenix

The menu at Jobot has expanded! What used to just be some breakfast items, tacos, and sweet and savory crepes in a coffee house, now includes yummy gourmet sandwiches. We've heard rumors of even more new menu items to come, but for now we just had to try the sandwiches and see if they passed the lunch-under-$10 test.

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Recently, Jobot added a new little side menu to its regular offerings with four sandwich options: Two veggie sandwiches, a turkey pastrami sandwich, and the Jo-bahn mi. Each sandwich is $9, which means you can't get a coffee if you're sticking to a budget so you'll have to choose whether sustenance or caffeination is more important.

We chose sustenance (this time) and tried out the Jo-bahn mi. The tender pulled pork is smothered in a gingery sauce and covered with pickled veggies that add a tasty, crunchy contrast. The crusty country bread is baked fresh across the street from MJ Coe Breads. It's definitely miles away from a traditional bahn mi, but tasty and filling and reminiscent of the Vietnamese classic. Plus, the little greens salad on the side was a nice, lighter break from the typical chip-and-sandwich combo.

It's worth mentioning the inventive and delicious baked goods at Jobot, though we don't mean to tempt you if you don't have a few bucks extra to spare on a treat. However, the brown butter donuts, lemon chamomile gluten-free muffins, and ginger peach scones all deserve to be praised and then eaten.

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