Lunch Under $10 at The Rose & Crown Pub

We've always liked the look and feel of downtown Phoenix's cutest little Brit pub, the Rose & Crown. Located in a converted historic house in Heritage Square (across from Pizzeria Bianco), the bar caters to a relaxed crowd of people usually just chatting and sipping pints. Rose & Crown offers your classic bar games on the inside and a large patio with plenty of umbrellas on the outside. The food is on the greasy side, but it's pub food, so that's to be expected. What we didn't expect was the lunch deals.

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While Rose & Crown offers different $5.99 lunch specials throughout the week, such as a grilled cheese with bacon and tomato on Thursday and a fish and chips basket on Friday, we always stop by on Monday. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. you can get a ginormous $5.99 pub burger with all the accouterments, including HP Brown sauce and malt vinegar.

The burger was cooked to our specifications, and it was juicy with a generous helping of melted cheese gluing the buttery bun to the top. It also came with a dill pickle spear, onions, tomato, and greens. You can have your choice of side, but it'd be silly to not get the crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside chips that are seasoned to perfection. It is a British pub, after all.

Other specials at Rose & Crown include a chicken fingers basket on Wednesday and a chicken Caesar wrap on Tuesday. With lunch specials like those, Rose & Crown definitely makes the cut for one of our favorite cheap lunch spots downtown.

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