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Lunch under $10 at The Siamese Cat Thai Restaurant

Located just up the strip mall from the Department of Economic Security office, The Siamese Cat Thai Restaurant doesn't exactly scream, "Great food, here!" But take a step inside (no really...hurry on in, no need to dally in the parking lot) and you'll find some delicious food at great prices.

When we dropped in for lunch the place was mostly empty and seemed to be lacking any sort of wait staff so we sat ourselves and waited patiently for menus.

How did the rest of the experience pan out? Find out after the jump.

Despite the slow start, the rest of the service went off without a hitch. Once we had browsed the dozen or so lunch options, we ordered numbers 207 and 209: classic Pad Thai and Pad Bahmee.

With the combination being so inexpensive, we couldn't resist also getting glass of sweet Thai iced tea with cream for an extra buck fifty. If you haven't had it before, this stuff is so sweet it should probably be considered a desert but since you drink it, you don't have to worry about mom scolding you for ruining your meal--SCORE.


The lunch combinations came with a cup of the soup of the day (read, "broth with vegetables in it), which was a nice touch. The real value, however, came when the heaping plates of noodles arrived at our table. Both dishes tasted exactly as we thought they should and the accompanying pair of spring rolls was the perfect way to break up the flavor.

Besides the usual noodle dishes, the lunch combinations also offer a variety of curry dishes for the more adventurous diners.

The business cards say Siamese Cat was the first Thai restaurant in Arizona and since it's been around for nearly three decades, they've got to be doing something right. The amount of food was a great deal and you'll probably leave with a nice after lunch snack.

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