Lunch Under $10 at Yoli's Cafe

Downtown Chandler is really picking up.

One might venture to say it's even borderline hip -- with more modern buildings, new loungey wine bars, microbreweries, and numerous specialty shops. Yet behind all of that, about two blocks over from the strip, is an old neighborhood, slightly run down but with plenty of charm. That's where you'll find Yoli's Cafe.

At Yoli's, the ladies are cooking up comfort food and not like the trendy gourmet kind, but the kind mom would make.

With only $10 in our pocket, we made it over for lunch and ate as many items as possible.

The food at Yoli's was far from fancy but completely made with love. It literally felt like mom just made lunch.

Maybe the broccoli in the broccoli cheddar soup was over cooked, but so was our mom's -- we loved every bite.

We also ordered the MLT. What in the world is an MLT? We were curious, too. As it turns out, it's the vegetarian version of a BLT. Before the booing and hissing commences read on through the description: grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, and avocado in a wrap.

Lunch Under $10 at Yoli's Cafe

Definitely sounds worth our while, especially when we were offered a croissant instead of the wrap -- you know, for easier dipping in our broccoli cheddar soup.

To our dismay, there were no sprouts or any avocado in our croissant sammie. The avocado was the main reason we ordered that sandwich, primarily because avocado and mushrooms seemed like a bit of an odd combo. Nutty shrooms could be good? Guess we'll have to wait on that one a little longer.

However, our choice in sides did not disappoint. French fries larger than two of our fingers combined and piled up high. We could have filled up on fries alone.

Yoli's is opened for breakfast and lunch. If the name has been ringing a bell this whole time, it's probably because they recently won the Best of Taste award in Chandler's Culinary Festival.

With an eclectic menu ranging from carne asada in a skillet to Hawaiian salads, our only option is to swing back by the next time we're yearning for the comfort of mom's cooking.

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