Lux Commonwealth and County to Open in Downtown Phoenix Next Year
Katie Johnson

Lux Commonwealth and County to Open in Downtown Phoenix Next Year

Get excited Lux patrons.

One of central Phoenix's most popular spots at which to eat, drink, and be seen is opening up a second location in downtown Phoenix. Although currently in the early stages of development (construction has yet to begin), the new location will be called Lux Commonwealth and County, named partly after the Virginia stomping grounds of owner Jeff Fischer.

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Lux Commonwealth and County will be located in the lot next to Bud's Glass Joint at First and Portland streets. The future two-story will model itself off of the vintage-meets-urban stylings of the original coffee bar on Central Avenue, with the second story serving as a residential space for Fischer.

At Lux Commonwealth and County, patrons will still have access to the same casual coffee and bakery they've become accustomed to lining up out the door for as well as a bar and restaurant billed as slightly more of a sit-down style than the current one. Diners can expect a more set and expansive menu, or as Fischer put it, "a natural ascension of craft and nourishment."

As it stands, nothing's hard and fast date wise, but Lux Commonwealth and County is expected to open sometime next year.

"We're very excited about the opportunity to kind of refine and provide nourishment in a new way," Fischer says.

The original Lux will remain open leading up to and following the opening of the second location. "It's been essentially a joy to see community being developed through this space, says Fischer. "And we want to give space, to help build community, to help build this city."

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