Lux's Velvet

Lux on Central Avenue is one of the best-known and most beloved coffee shops in town. People go there to work on their laptops (Lux has great wi-fi), discuss current events, and drink delicious coffees like the Lux Velvet.

The Lux Velvet is a tasty mocha that looks pretty, too. We like how the baristas take cream and make a leaf pattern on top of the java. But even if the Velvet was uglier than molasses, we still wouldn't be able to resist the flavor.

We should note here that the Velvet is very sweet. It tastes like a milk chocolate dessert, and there's no need to add sugar. In fact, the Velvet may be too sweet for some coffee drinkers, especially those who like their brews black and relish the heady bitterness of espresso. You'll find none of that in the Velvet -- it's all creamy, sugary goodness.

As for the energy boost, the Velvet kick is two-fold, stemming from both large amounts of caffeine and even larger amounts of sugar. We were already pretty ramped up from our first Velvet when we ordered a second -- not because we didn't already feel energized, but because it was so yummy.

After drinking our two Lux Velvets, we then went and danced at local club Sanctum. The javas gave us plenty of fuel to run on. But if Lux had been open later, we might've stopped on the way home for another -- they're just that damn good.

Lux is located at 4404 N. Central Avenue. Call 602-696-9976 or visit www.luxcoffee.com for more information.

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