Mad City Chickens Flock to Phoenix

Bust out your best pick-up line. It's time to pick up a chick and head to the movies.

Okay, cheesy lines (and trailer) aside, Desert Urban Gardens is presenting the film Mad City Chickens this Monday, May 16th at Filmbar. Show time is 8 pm with limited seating, but an early arrival is not a bad idea. Filmbar happy hour is from 5 to 7pm.

After screenings in more than 100 cities and 3 countries, Mad City Chickens has made its way to Phoenix for its Arizona premiere.

Don't be a chicken. Find out what the film is about after the jump.

The directors of this documentary spent nearly 2 years researching the resurgence of city dwellers keeping backyard chickens. The film was initially inspired by people in Madison, WI who weren't legally allowed to raise chickens and had to do so on the down-low. However, that is not the only story you'll see hatch. The non-linear documentary is more of a whimsical, heart-felt comedy interweaving several stories--covering real concerns such as Bird Flu and hipster concerns like why backyard chicken coops are back in vogue.

We've been considering picking up a few chicks ourselves, ever since Tour de Coop. Maybe this film will be just what we need to seal the deal.

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