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Make Your Own Chai Tea Concentrate, Thanks to Pinterest

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I like to buy my spices at Chakra 4. If you haven't yet discovered this place, please be sure to visit. They take care to offer only the highest quality, organic products. I love this about them, but it also means higher prices. I can't always afford to buy everything from here because you can only buy by the ounce. This is inconvenient when you only need a tiny bit. Buy what you can from here and get the rest at Sprouts. You can buy in any increment and it's super cheap.

Once you round up all of the ingredients, the drink comes together in no time. It makes enough to share if you're so inclined. I found the small glass bottles at Chakra 4 for about $5 each and bought two. One for me, and one as a gift for my chai-loving friend.

If you come across a Pinterest recipe you want to see tested, please let me know! Read on for the recipe.

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