Chow Bella

Make Your Own Macarons, Inspired by Pinterest

Mmmmm, macarons. I love them. Mostly, I'm in love with the way they look. It's one of those desserts you actually feel bad biting into because you don't want to destroy its beauty. That makes them perfect for Pinterest.

They're pricey, but after making them, I understand why. They're finicky little things. Everything has to be juuuuust right. That's why it's taken me so long to attempt them. I don't like failure, and I usually avoid anything I think I may fail at. It's a problem that goes way beyond the kitchen. But, it's time to tackle those fears! For me and for you. I made macarons, and you can, too!

There are many variables that compose a perfect macaron batch: They should be uniform in size and flat on the bottom and they should have "feet," no cracks on the shells, be chewy in the middle, and the filling must not be runny. So don't be discouraged if your first batch looks like crap, it's a lot to contend with. The first batch I attempted tasted great, but the "feet" stuck out beyond the shell. Unacceptable.

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