The potato salad might be like this one or it might be completely different.
The potato salad might be like this one or it might be completely different.
Zack Danger Brown/ Kickstarter

Man Raises Almost $40K Via Kickstarter to Make Potato Salad

An Ohio resident named Zack "Danger" Brown is raising eyebrows after his Kickstarter campaign raised nearly $40,000 in about a week. The mission? To make potato salad of some sort.

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According to the "Potato salad" Kickstarter page, Brown was originally seeking $10 to fund his side salad making endeavors. The campaign went viral and now Brown will probably be making much more potato salad than he bargained for.

"Basically I'm just making potato salad. I haven't decided what kind yet," Brown says via Kickstarter. "It might not be that good. It's my first potato salad"

Although the goals, which included bonuses like getting a chef to contribute a recipe, using multiple (possibly vegan) recipes, and a pizza party (not potato salad related), stopped upping the ante around the $3,000 mark, the nearly 3,600 backers will still hopefully get all of their pledge rewards, too.

With over 550 people getting to pick an ingredient to include in the salad and over 1000 more getting to have a bite as well, the crowd-sourced food stuff is sure to be a mess. Plus, Brown has to say the name of every backer while making the salad. With 23 days left to fund the project, it's almost scary to wonder how much further this gag will go.

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