Map of U.S. Craft Breweries Features Arizona Favorites

A Brooklyn-based graphic design and chart making business has compiled what they're calling "the most comprehensive mapping of the breweries of the USA ever compiled." Admittedly, the map does feature twelve spots in just the Phoenix-area alone, with several more in Tucson and Flagstaff. We have to say, we're impressed.

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The 39" by 27" poster features over 1400 breweries, including some of our Valley favorites. Among others, Four Peaks, Papago, Arizona Wilderness, Huss, and San Tan made the cut, though others (sorry, Desert Eagle and Cartel) were left off the chart. Still, it's nice to see a fair amount of representation for the fine work our local brewers are doing in the craft beer world.

Other notable Arizona breweries like Tucson's Dragoon and Nimbus and Flagstaff's Mother Road and Lumberyard made the cut, as well.

You can check out Pop Chat Lab's website to buy the massive, informative, and thirst-inducing poster for $30 and also get a glimpse of who was included.The poster was made in a limited run of 1,000 though (which is less than the amount of breweries it even shows), so get yours quick if you're interested.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.