Marcus Johnson's Sippy-Go-Naked

​Yesterday we met Marcus Johnson, who tends bar at Four Peaks in both Tempe and Scottsdale. Today he shares with us the recipe for the Sippy-Go-Naked, a creation of Four Peaks' brewers that's become popular with people in the know.

"It started out as a drink that was just known among the brewers, but they told enough people that now I'll have customers come over and ask for them," Johnson says. " You're kind of surprised to hear that name from someone who's not a brewer, but it's also nice to see the drink is slowly making its way up."

Bartenders also often make another beer cocktail called Sippy-Go-Night-Night, which is Stoli, lemonade and framboise. Johnson says the brewers never told him exactly where they got the names from, so we're left to guess what kind of beer-fueled shenanigans inspired it.

Get the recipe after the jump.

The ingredients:
2 ounces vodka
2 ounces lemonade
Four Peaks Arizona Peach to fill

How to make it:
In an ice-filled shaker pint, pour in the vodka and lemonade. Stir well, then fill with Arizona Peach. Stir again, sip and, you know, go naked. 

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