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Mark Tarbell Dishes on Why Local Coffee Is Overrated and Shares the Best $9 Bottle of Wine

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Most underrated ingredient: Fresh goat cheese and sheep's milk feta. I can easily power down a block of either one.

Name three things always found in your pantry/fridge: Chervil, interesting olive oils, and 18-month-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano.

The one food you never get sick of: Eggs -- all breakfast food, for that matter.

What would you tell an aspiring young chef going into the business: Don't. Then if that didn't work, I would tell them to work for three places that they view as the best. I would also say that there are benefits to working for a resort or hotel when young and building a career. You need to see and experience a tremendous amount to begin to understand who you are going to be when you stake your ground. It's an experiential trade, not a theoretical one.

What do we lack/need here in Phoenix: High-end Franco-Vietnamese cooking.

If you had $700 to spend on dinner for two, where would you go: Just for the memories, I'd go to Taillevent in Paris. Or take a picnic to the top of Four Peaks and pocket $650.

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