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Mark Your Calendar: Simple Supper Schedule at NOCA

By Michele Laudig

I was going to wait until the next time NOCA had Fried Chicken Night to show you my photos from last Sunday, when they rolled out their secret-recipe fried chicken.

Eliot Wexler's gone so far as to create a special Simple Supper schedule for the month of November, I figured you'd want the info a.s.a.p. (my friends and I tend to schedule our lives around stuff like this). That means Italian Night tomorrow, barbecue next week (I hear chef Chris Curtiss makes kickass homemade BBQ sauce), Cajun Night on the third Sunday, and fried chicken on the fourth Sunday. It's three courses for $35, and if you're not down with the featured main dish, there's always a fish or vegetarian option.

As you might guess, it's all clever, sophisticated versions of our favorite comfort foods -- check out the full menus and schedule here: Download file

Anyway, my friend and I inhaled our chicken, which was super succulent. The coating was perfectly seasoned and not at all greasy, finished with a last minute sprinkle of sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. The gravy, the scrumptious greens, the mashed potatoes, the biscuit -- all to die for. I was still full the next day.

Oh, and one more thing. The lobster roll night on Wednesday has become such a hit that now NOCA's adding another outrageous special, this one on Thursdays: Kobe beef cheesesteaks (details on the menu above). Be still, my beating heart! (Literally!)

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Michele Laudig
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