Matt Carter to Launch Weekly Tasting Menus at The House Brasserie With Opus One Paired Dinner on Friday, October 3

If you've been to California's wine-making regions, then chances are you've heard the name Opus One. Chances are much slimmer, however, that you've actually been inside the landmark, white limestone winery. After all a tasting will set you back $45 for just the current vintage and if you actually want to tour the facilities? Well, that will cost you $75.

The point is that Opus One is a pretty exclusive, fancy-schmancy winery -- which still isn't stopping chef Matt Carter from kicking off his new tasting menus at The House Brasserie with an Opus One wine-paired dinner this Friday.

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Starting this weekend Carter will be offering a Chef's Tasting Menu at his Old Town Scottsdale restaurant every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until Mother's Day. The menus will change from week to week but will always be offered with an additional House wine pairing. On some occasions, like this weekend, there also will be a winemaker on hand to offer a specific winemaker pairing.

The House is also now offering every single wine on their menu -- including reserve wines -- by the glass. The Opus One paired menu this weekend is Carter's way of proving just how dedicated he is to offering customers top-notch wines.

So this Friday, at The House Opus One will be celebrating the release of its 2011 vintage, as well as the public release of its new wine, Overture. It will be the first time the wine is available outside the Oakville winery.

The menu will include top-notch ingredients such as Atlantic Turbot, caviar, Burgundian truffles, and a golden grade rib eye cap.

The tasting menu will be available throughout the weekend during normal dinner hours (5 - 10 p.m.) and will cost $95. The Opus release dinner will be on Friday, October 3 with the first seating at 7:30 p.m. and will cost $250 for the full dinner and both wines. A House wine pairing will also be available for $30.

In the future, the goal will be to keep the Chef's Tasting Menu with wine pairings around the $100 mark.

For reservations call 480-634-1600 or visit The House Brasserie website.

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