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Maui Dog Does Burgers, Fresh-Cut Fries, and a Little Something Called Volcanic Sauce

Feast your eyes on these burger beauties.

The one on the left is a Hana, the one on the right a Sweet and Spicy. Both are the burger brainchildren of Maui Dog owner John Stamatakis. Taking his homemade sauces, fresh toppings, and slightly sweet signature bun concoction that make his dogs so delicious, Stamatakis added perfectly cooked third-pound patties to create Maui Burgers.

Haven't had a Maui Dog yet? Better get on that. And while there's a matching Maui Burger for every version of a Maui Dog, one stands out among the patty pack.

The Sweet and Spicy.

As delicious as it is pretty, the Sweet and Spicy Burger features a sweet pepper mix, onions, chipotle garlic mayo, spicy brown mustard, and Stamatakis' homemade pineapple topping. Like any Maui Dog, the Sweet and Spicy Burger delivers unique, bold flavors you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the Valley.

Add some fresh-cut fries, or lava fries (fresh-cut fries topped with homemade chili), and a side of signature volcanic sauce for an extra kick, and you've got yourself a Maui munch-fest. Yum.

Maui Dog
3538 East Indian School Rd.

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