May and McGrath: Bring on the BBQ!

I just got a spontaneous protein craving courtesy of chef Aaron May, who confirmed the delicious rumor that he's collaborating with chef Robert McGrath on a new barbecue concept. They're working on securing a location as we speak.

Chalk it up to one more exciting project from May, who seems to cook up restaurant ideas almost as often as he does tapas at the fabulous Sol y Sombra. Sure, he's been burning the candle at both ends since opening Overeasy, the sunny little 40th Street breakfast nook, nearly two months ago, but it's worth it -- business is good so far, he says.

Up next, probably by early May, look for Autostrada, a casual Italian joint offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner at DC Ranch in North Scottsdale. Expect authentic antipasti, contorni, panini, and a good coffee service, with an emphasis on premium ingredients. If you're looking for meatball sliders or fried mozzarella sticks, fuggeddaboudit.

And later this year -- as in, the timing's totally up in the air -- May plans to open Leche, featuring something truly novel for this area: Basque cuisine. The space that will house the restaurant -- a former flower shop -- is about a hundred years old, and as you'd expect from an adaptive reuse project, there are still some hurdles. When it's finished, though, I'm sure it will add to the character of downtown Scottsdale.

May promises to keep us posted...

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