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McDonald's Fries vs. Wendy's Fries: FRY FIGHT!

As Fry Girl, I receive thousands barely any e-mails in my inbox every week. Recently however, I did get a goodie from Wendy's that read, "In a national taste test, consumers said Wendy's fries taste better than McDonald's. When asked which they thought taste better after sampling both, 56% of participants chose Wendy's Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt. Only 39% preferred the taste of McDonald's."

Whoa. That's a bold claim. Especially given that folks have raved about McDonald's fries for . . . well, for almost ever. At one point, even Burger King had the royal balls to try their own taste test and then declare themselves the winner. Result: No one bought it.

With Wendy's recent taste test information (also on their website), it looks as if the redheaded gal is looking for a serious fry fright from Ronald McD in the form of a new ad campaign. Little girl, didn't Daddy Thomas teach you to play fair? After all, this is your marketing campaign.

All right, time to put an end to all this fry foolishness. Time for a Fry Girl taste test of her own to see who really has the best fries, Wendy's or McDonald's. And no ketchup, yo! Join me, won't you?

Wendy's Natural Cut Fries with Sea Salt:

I've said it before: Wendy's new-ish fries are good. They're sure as hell a lot better than the bloated mush sticks previously offered by the fast food giant. Billed as "Naturally-cut from whole Russet potatoes, cooked skin-on, and served hot and crispy with a sprinkle of sea salt for a taste as real as it gets," a medium-size offering will cost you around 420 calories.

Unfortunately, I've had my fair share of Wendy's fries that were too dry, charred at the tips, or limping helplessly over the carton. Consistency, yo! But when she's on her game, the pigtailed princess delivers them crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and with a nice potato flavor with just the right amount of salt.


Billed as, "Golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Made with quality potatoes and cooked in our Canola oil blend for zero grams of trans fat per serving," a medium-sized offering will cost you around 380 calories.

Oh, and they're pure heaven.

With consistency down to a science, Mickey Dee's fries rarely disappoint. They, too, are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and have a nice potato flavor with just the right amount of salt. The difference may be, for Fry Girl, that they are a bit more crispy than Wendy's, feature a better distribution of salt, and are devoid of any "skin" issues.

Verdict: McDonald's
Sorry, Wendy, there's a reason the Golden Arches trademarks itself "America's Favorite Fries" -- it may sound like unabashed fry flaunting, but let's face it, they can back it up.

What say you, fry fans? Do you agree with Wendy's new taste test or do McDonald's fries still reign supreme?

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