McDonald's "Great Tastes of America" in the UK: Cue Football, Monster Trucks, and Baywatch

Finally, some truth in advertising. Dig this spot for McDonald's fourth annual "Great Tastes of America" promotion in the UK, a five-week program involving the introduction every Wednesday of a new American-themed burger.

Beginning with the New York Special, Mickey Dee's "Great Tastes of America" will also feature the Chicago Supreme, New Orleans Deluxe, Miami Melt, and Texas Grande burger. A "United Mates" game runs with the burger promotion with prizes including tickets to see American bands performing in UK venues.

While McDonald's (but "yee-hah!") brings stars and stripes salivation to the burger-biting British, why stop at well-known American cities? As long as we're talking Baywatch, why not other U.S.A.-only treasures? How 'bout the Kim Kardashian "Windex Burger," the eight-patty "Octo-Mom Muncher," or the "Snookie Snack"? Hey, it's a start.


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