Meaty Girl: Rack of Lamb at Richardson's

Richardson's Cuisine of New Mexico offers flavorful fares of the Southwest. The restaurant's known for smothering just about everything with green chile, and while its celebrated New Mexican meatloaf is no longer on the menu, Richardson's does offer such carnivorous culinary delights as chicken, beef, and shrimp skewers; pork enchiladas; and our new Richardson's favorite, rack of lamb.

Rack of Lamb at Richardson's
Even cooked medium-well, the meat was very pink inside (it had a slightly tangy iron taste, but wasn't downright bloody). The lamb tasted delicious -- all three shanks were very tender and had a rich, smoky flavor (all Richardson's meats are smoked over pecan wood). The rack of lamb tasted like filet mignon steak, but with a lighter, more pork-like taste. It was slightly fatty around the edges, but the grilled, double-cut Colorado chops were surprisingly lean overall (and not surprisingly, they were basted in green chile jelly). The meal costs $29, and includes a sweet potato and grilled vegetables, all served over a flour tortilla. -- Niki D'Andrea

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