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Meet Cory Oppold and Juan Zamora, the New Chefs at Atlas Bistro in Scottsdale

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In one sentence, describe your style of cooking:

Cory: Complexity is derived through multiple simplistic components -- each one done with techniques to balance sweet, sour, salty and bitter, while ensuring that all ingredients are handled with equal care and respect.

Juan: My style of cooking I believe would be considered modern, seasonal with a touch of elegant familiarity.

Your favorite culinary technique right now:

Cory: Preserving, whether it's through pickling or curing.

Juan: My favorite culinary technique right now is infusing flavors and pickling.

The most overrated kitchen tool is...

Cory: A lid for a pot or pan...I never use one. I prefer a parchment cartouche, which allows evaporation for concentration of flavor.

Juan: A can opener. Although necessary at times for the amazing San Marzano tomatoes or tomato paste, I don't believe a can opener should be a vital tool in a kitchen. If it is then one should question the lack of cooking taking place.

The most underrated kitchen tool is...

Cory: A dry side towel. When we don't have one...we panic.

Juan: A pizza pan or season tray. I use these aluminum disks to season, warm food in the oven, toast various nuts and spices, throw a C fold on and spoon my proteins or glazed vegetables for cleaner plating...Juan: I believe and if someone should care to indulge I use them to throw around as a Frisbee...jk...well, kind of.

Five things everyone should have in their pantry:

Cory: Salt, eggs, sugar, vinegars, and butter.

Juan: I believe everyone should have Kosher salt, sugar, vinegars of various sorts, various oils, and spices galore.

The one food-related book everyone should read is...

Cory: The Flavor Bible. It is the most dog-eared book I own and is used through out my menu development.

Juan: Absolutely must have my Flavor Bible. Not only does it give you reference points of flavors, but while reading those points it jumps your senses and sparks your imagination for your next dish.

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