Battle of the Dishes

Mejico vs. Fuego Bistro: Seafood Chile Relleno Battle

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In This Corner: Mejico

The Setting: Mejico is intimate, with a small bar area in the front, and a decent size dining area. There are no gaudy decorations to remind patrons they're in a Mexican restaurant, in case they would forget. It's subtle, even down to the look of the menus that have a little wear and tear on them. But once you've placed your order and your food arrives, this place is anything but subtle.

The Good: A plump poblano chile comes stuffed with grilled shrimp and Monterey Jack cheese, topped with a dark green poblano jalapano cream sauce and then a little more Monterey on top. The perfect portion of rice and choice of black or pinto beans come on the side, not taking away from the main dish. Going through the different layers of experiencing a chile relleno, the first takeaway is the breading. It was spot on. Sometimes it can be soggy or too oily. Mejico's was neither.

The poblano chile's flavor did not get lost in the midst of the other ingredients. It was fresh and still had a bite to it. We weren't expecting the shrimp to be as large as they were, and Mejico definitely didn't skimp out. The jalapeno sauce was not too spicy and held the dish together, so for those who don't like too much heat, the relleno is still doable.

The Bad: With the tender shrimp and all that cheese inside, something with a little more texture would've been nice to find inside the chile.

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Natalie Miranda