Metro Brasserie Does Holiday Dining Sans Prix Fixe Menus

Seems like every restaurant in town is doing special holiday prix fixe menus, and going all-out with luxury ingredients and prices to match. Looking for a special-occasion meal with family or your sweetheart? Take your pick -- there are some amazing options.

It's to be expected this time of year. In fact, I've dedicated a special folder in my email inbox just for the flood of information that comes my way.

What comes as a surprise, actually, is that Old Town French haunt Metro Brasserie is going against the grain and serving its regular menu for Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. Instead of making dinner into a big deal, this restaurant is keeping things low-key.

As much as I enjoy reading those fancy multi-course menus, I also like the notion of going the casual route and choosing my own dishes. I'm thinking of that awesome roasted beet salad with Greek yogurt, truffle honey, and pear; a big platter of fresh, briny oysters; and handmade tagliatelle with slow-cooked rabbit (or maybe the reliable steak frites? I'm torn).



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Michele Laudig
Contact: Michele Laudig