Miami Rice Pudding Co. Opens in North Scottsdale

By Michele Laudig

Now this is different: A dessert shop specializing in rice pudding.

You heard me. It's a new joint at The Promenade in Scottsdale (southeast corner of Scottsdale Road and Frank Lloyd Wright) called Miami Rice Pudding Co., and they serve up rice pudding in more flavors that you ever thought possible, from "traditional" and various fruit flavors, to more ice cream-inspired tastes like Rocky Road and pecan praline.

They do serve actual ice cream, too, as well as au courant fro-yo, and you can get either frozen treat with a selection of toppings like granola or Butterfingers. Miami Rice can also serve up shakes, smoothies, and floats, as well as Seattle's Best Coffee. The place has free wi-fi, so you can hang out and have seconds.

But the rice pudding is what intrigues me -- especially four different sundae-like creations that combine pudding with other goodies. The "South Beach" dessert includes rice pudding, caramel, whipped cream, and a biscotti. You can also get a combo of rice pudding AND ice cream or yogurt. Ridiculous! (In a good way, of course.)

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