Wake Up Call

Michigan Child Finds Drugs and Pipe Inside a Burger King Kids Meal

One 4-year-old got either the best- or worst-ever prize inside a Burger King kids meal -- depending on how you feel about giving 4-year-olds ready-to-smoke, pre-packed marijuana pipes.

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"He handed the kids meal that he had gotten at Burger King to his 4-year-old grandson, and when they opened it up, they found a loaded marijuana pipe inside the kid's meal," Dundee Police Chief David Uhl told Toledo News Now.

The grandfather called the police to not only report the discovery, but to share the fact that he had noticed some suspicious behavior going on between a Burger King employee and some other young hoodlums adults in the restaurant's parking lot. He even had taken down a description of the car and its license plate.

A 24-year-old employee eventually admitted to police that he indeed had put his kush and piece inside the kids meal to hide it while he was working.

The employee and two other people were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

And shockingly (or not, considering we're talking about fast food joints) this isn't even the first time weed has ended up as the surprise prize inside a kids meal. In 2007, an Illinois 8-year-old got a whole bag of marijuana and a lighter in her Happy Meal. That employee was also considerate enough to pack the little one a pipe.

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