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Mike Pitt and Doug Dieckmann of Texas BBQ House, Part 2

This week we've been talking Lone Star BBQ with the guys from Texas BBQ House in South Phoenix. Yesterday Mike Pitt told us about where he learned to slow roast meat so tender it might actually melt in your mouth, and today we're back to hear more about what makes Texas BBQ so damn good.

So, what is it about Texas that makes the BBQ different?

MP: There's nothing like Texas BBQ. Everybody wants to chop everything up and put sauce all over it. We just serve the meat. If you want to add sauce, it's on the table. That's kinda how we pitch it.

DD: Everything in Texas is dry rub. It's all about the meat down there. Anywhere you go they don't put sauce on everything. It's the meat and sauce is on the side.

MP: There's [a BBQ place] on every corner, I know that.

DD: You get out here and a lot of people don't even know what brisket is. Tri tip is a California thing. I've never really had it but I've heard it's pretty good...

MP: That's probably what separates Texas BBQ from Arizona BBQ. Arizona is a big pulled pork place. Of course, we don't do pulled pork; we do a sliced pork loin. But yeah, the pulled pork thing is big here. Sauce on it....

Is this concept something you want to expand on with multiple locations and such?

DD: I do.

MP: He does but...he's got a vision for maybe later on down the road. I mean we got people in here that want this concept in Wisconsin and Michigan--we got all kinds of people saying, "Front it, and get up there." One guy came in here from Canada. He goes, "This would do great in Canada." And we're like, "Ok..."

We're just focusing on this for now. But I mean, it could be something big. Who knows.

So, what about the Scottsdale location?

MP:We basically...the Scottsdale location was going to be our first location and we've been working on that thing since January. That was our initial location; we were going to open up in June. Then long story, we got...burned. In the meantime while we were working on Scottsdale, one of our friends found this little spot and said come check it out. So I came out here and we looked at it and said, "Man we can get this thing open in 30 days." We did a little tester outside of the patio, fed like 250 people, something like that. And everyone was like, "You guys need to open this thing." So we decided to open this one first and we're still working on Scottsdale. Should be about another month.

What do you think about the BBQ competition up there?

MP: I'm not worried about it...

How often are guys in the kitchen?

Both: Everyday.

What would you suggest to a first-timer?

MP: Brisket.

DD: Moist brisket.

Tomorrow we'll share the Texas BBQ House recipe for a Texas Po' Boy sandwich--don't miss it!

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