Mindy Lee's Perfect Food Day

Mindy Lee describes herself as "a former journalist turned government community relations officer who dabbles in the downtown Phoenix foodie culture." We can catch her and her friends trying out new restaurants, "obsessively tweeting about foodie gossip and trends", and "finding offbeat ethnic mom-and-pop restaurants" around Phoenix. She says her most annoying habit is "her ability to crush an appetite by stalling the consumption process so she can take a picture of your food."

This is her perfect food day.

Breakfast: If I'm being good, then a vegan apple scone and large coffee with a splash of cream from Copper Star Coffee. If I'm being bad, then the chilaquiles brunch from The Mission.

Lunch: Fish torta and side of guacamole from Gallo Blanco Cafe.

Dinner: Shiromi Carpaccio, Pork Belly Buns and Panko-Fried Soft Shell Crab Sandwich from Nobuo at Teeter House.

Between meal snacks: The deli counter at Downtown Phoenix Public Market, bánh xèo from Pho Thanh, baklava from the Middle Eastern Bakery & Deli.

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