Dessert First

Mini Chocolate Lava Lamps and More Desserts at Binkley's Restaurant

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From the minute it was brought to the table, the mint chocolate lava lamp was a real treat -- first for the eyes, then for the taste buds. The minty syrup and chocolate pearls were served in a shot glass that rested on top of a flashing multicolor light. However delicious, it was not quite consumable as planned. The first taste was as intended, a shot of slightly sweet, minty liquid with triple chocolate and hazelnut pearls. After that, the extra chocolate had to be scooped out with a spoon, and with most of the syrup gone, it wasn't very minty. It was still super tasty -- just not as delicious as that first shot.

Next was the miniature cinnamon toast soufflé, which was tiny but full of flavor. The soufflé was baked in a petite ramekin, too small even to hold most condiments. The cute appearance matched up with the dish, which tasted remarkably like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Only better, of course, combining the childhood favorite with the dreamy richness of soufflé and crème anglaise. Despite being about 1" in diameter, this portion equaled four small bites, enough to be satisfied yet still want more dessert. Just in time for...

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Dominique Chatterjee