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MJ Coe Dishes on His Love of Wonder Bread and Baking to the Willy Wonka Soundtrack

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If I weren't baking I'd be...: I'd love to go into physics, astronomy, math. I love to solve problems. I've been trying to take my Mensa test for the last couple of months. Last three test dates I had to cancel because of work.

What's on your baking playlist? I have everything, man; from Rachmaninov to hardcore rap to the Muppets. My favorite thing to listen to when I'm working is the Willy Wonka soundtrack with Gene Wilder singing -- it's fantastic.

One of the biggest misconceptions about you: We're [MJ and Tammie Coe] not big foodie people. A lot of people have this misconceived idea that we go out and eat foie gras all the time. But we'll just go to Pino's Pizza for a to-go box of spaghetti and meatballs to eat on the sofa watching TMZ.

So you're kind of over all that over-the-top food...: I just I love simple things. I love Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread with American cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich? You're living like a rock star, man. And if someone uses cheddar -- urgh, it just riles me. Because it's not what I grew up with.

Your advice for now and future chefs? Don't just get into this business looking for fame, it will always comes back to slap you in the face. I mean it's good to have that success but it's not a driving force. Loving what you do is what pushes you. Don't lose sight on why you got into the field in the first place.

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