Krimpets: Best snack ever

Mmm . . . TastyKakes

After sending a few emails back and forth about hoagies, I found out from a fellow East Coast native that Tastykakes, some of my favorite junk food from back home, are actually available at Corleone's cheesesteak places around here.

Has anybody else spotted them lately? I haven't eaten Tastykakes in years, but I was lying in bed thinking about them last night. In particular, Krimpets are my guilty pleasure of choice -- they're sort of like sponge cake, and my favorites are topped with butterscotch icing or filled with jelly. In high school, I went on a total Krimpet bender, when I ate them for lunch everyday. (Later to be followed by brief obsessions with Starburst, chocolate pudding, and 1-2-3 Jello, that stuff that forms three layers.) Keep in mind, those were the days when I could also eat an entire box of Sara Lee croissants with butter and still look good in a miniskirt.

Anyway, this has me thinking about other regional treats that I haven't had in ages, like white birch beer, shoo-fly pie (this awesome Pennsylvania Dutch molasses cake covered in flour crumbles), and Yuengling Lager , an excellent beer from the oldest brewery in America. Where I'm from, it's cheaper than bottled water.

If you're a transplant like me, what kind of foods and drinks do you miss? Can you find them anywhere in the Valley?


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