Food Truck Frenzy

Mobile Food Court Starts in November

After a slight delay, Phoenix will finally be able to take its food truck scene to the next level. Friday, Nov. 5 marks the beginning of a Mobile Food Court to be held at Downtown Phoenix Public Market every Friday - and yes, it is actually happening, organizers assure us.

The event, which was initially supposed to kick-off October 1, experienced permit issues and had to push the date back to the first Friday in November to ensure things were worked out with the city.

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The event is a result of the collaboration between members of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition and the market, and is the first event of its kind, says Brad Moore, coalition chairman and owner of Short Leash Hot Dogs.

"When we started planning this, some of the hardest things about going out to lunch with a big group of people is deciding on a place because of everybody's tastes, different price points, and also the pain of splitting up the bill between all those people - it's a nightmare," Moore says.

"We're right next to the financial district and the ASU [downtown] campus, so you can walk down there with a group of people and everyone could go to a separate truck, order something separately, pay separately, and then reconvene and sit at tables together."

About six trucks will be set up wagon circle-style, offering fare ranging from barbecue, to asian fusion, to grilled cheese and Short Leash's gourmet hot dogs, Moore says. Tables and chairs for people to enjoy their mobile lunch will be provided under the market's shaded parking area.

Moore also emphasizes that to take advantage of the speediness aspect of the food court, cash is ideal. Service time is 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., however they won't be quick to close up shop if they still have people coming by, he says.

Check back next week for an in-depth look at Moore and his gourmet hot dog cart, and stay tuned for future Chow Bella food truck coverage.

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