Monika Woolsey's Perfect Food Day

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She's almost an Arizona native having moved here when she was only 9 months old from Germany. She grew up on the west side of Phoenix and spent her teenage years in Tucson. Some of her favorite food memories from growing up here include: "weekly trips to Schreiner's with her German mother all the way back in the '60's," getting lost in the cornstalks of her Mississippi-raised grandfather's backyard, banana splits at the Carnation Dairy, the smell of burning grapefruit peels on processing day at the old Squirt factory, fresh shrimp cooked on the beach at Rocky Point and her annual apple gathering trip to Oak Creek Canyon.

College and her professional career took her around the country including time in Ithaca New York, Boston, Chicago, Boulder and the Bay Area.

"Between living in so many cities and loving to travel, I've eaten in a lot of places. I am often teased by friends for always, at the mention of a city, having a recommendation for a place to eat."

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