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Monsterland Is Looking to Hire Creatures From the Underworld To Serve The Undead

Monsters, vampires, zombies and more! Do you love haunted houses or maybe you wish you could dress up like it is Halloween everyday?

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Monsterland is hiring ghouls and and other Halloween fanatics to serve in their bar and grill.

Dressed up in costume, of course.

As part of the server, busser, and hostess application process, applicants are required to have a love for dressing up and be willing to dress up to participate in their weekend spooky shows every fourth Saturday of the month.

Every week, there will be new themes, according to their website.

This bar and grill is open year-round, meaning that adults can act as dressed up creatures whenever they please and dance their make up off at the two-story nightclub part of the venue.

The haunted house is open to the public all of October. This means the eatery will also host a series of family and child friendly events all month.

Besides having a menu that offers foods named after everything scary, Monsterland also serves up twenty locally brewed brews to relax you after you've been scared to death at their haunted house.

Ready to scare some brave souls into the other world while they eat, dance, and watch them freak out?

You have found your new home.

Monsterland 18 W. Main St Mesa, AZ 85201

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