More Bon Appetit Love for the 'Nix

To me, coming home, thrashed, at the end of a long day and finding a new mag in the mailbox is one of life's simple pleasures. Better still is to flip it open and find something familiar in its shiny pages.

This time, I expected there'd be some kind of Phoenix props in the May Bon Appetit, whose theme is Best of the USA. Sure enough, Andrew Knowlton honed in on Matt's Big Breakfast in his Hot 10 roundup of "Best Places for Brunch" -- and it looks like word of Matt's legendary wait (a la Pizzeria Bianco's Bar Bianco, where Matt Pool used to work before opening his own joint) has already leaked out to the national media.

On the Bianco front, the "United Plates of America" feature gives a nod to Chris Bianco's famed Heritage Square eatery, as well as Native Seeds and Dos Cabezas WineWorks.

All good picks, but also very, very well-known ones. One of these days, there needs to be some exposure for something new in town, don't you think?  

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