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More on Oakville Grocery at CityScape

In the hours since RED Development's announcement that Oakville Grocery will be the new tenant filling the space originally planned as an AJ's Fine Foods at CityScape, locals have already begun bitching via social media.

Along with collective groans about yuppie retail from skeptical individuals on Twitter and Facebook, Downtown Voices Coalition's Steve Weiss posted, "Will #phx try to sell this new @Cityscape boutique grocery/wine bar as a real downtown supermarket, @mayorgordon ?"

Indeed, while AJ's is a bonafide supermarket, Oakville Grocery is a specialty store that sells gourmet food items -- not staples. If the Scottsdale location of Oakville Grocery is any indication of what downtown should expect, it will be a place to stop by for a sandwich, a pizza, a bottle of wine, or some fancy cheeses.

For those of you who need to pick up hamburger buns, baking soda, dog food, paper towels, light bulbs, tampons, or other random essentials, you might still find yourself heading up to the Safeway at 7th Street and McDowell, or Phoenix Ranch Market at 16th Street and Roosevelt.

Oakville Grocery is a welcome addition to the CityScape lineup, but it is much more of a niche retailer than many had hoped.

In addition, CityScape spokesman Jay Thorne confirms that Oakville Grocery will open in September. A grand opening for the entire CityScape project will likely happen November 1, although that hasn't been officially announced.

And while there is still construction to be completed, some spaces are ready for the first tenants, who will begin to move in as soon as next month.

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