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More Proof the U.S. Is Fat--in Chart Form

If you want to see something scary, click on this transparency by It's a representation of the percentages of people in certain countries who are overweight, and surprise, surprise, the U.S. represents with the highest percent at 66.3 percent.

We have to be number one in everything else, right, so obesity may as well be a priority, too. 

The chart also shows that most of our consumption is of oils, fats and sugars (39 percent) and that the average American consumes 3,767 calories.


Australia's close behind, with a whopping 53.5 percent overweight population. Data is figured out by assuming people only need 2,000 calories daily.

Perhaps surprisingly, the countries with the lowest average daily calories on the chart (Japan, China, Eritrea, Bangladesh) consume most of their calories through grains--showing what we all should know--carbs from grains can be good, but from junk food, they pack on the pounds.

The chart may be a reflection of the other greedy aspects to American life, and, in this case, maybe being the leader isn't so good, after all.

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Nicki Escudero
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