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Move Over, Cronutâ„¢. Here Comes The Crookie.

Oh, what's that? You're sick of hearing about impossible-to-get, creme-filled croissant/doughnut hybrids? Well, good news! The next must-have pastry mash up has arrived courtesy of Toronto bakery, Clafouti Patisserie & Café.

Meet, the Crookie.

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The Crookie, as you may be able to tell from the photo above, is a combination of croissant and Double Stuffed Oreos -- to be specific, it's a flaky croissant with a gooey center of Oreo bits.

Clafouti owner Olivier Jansen-Reynaud got the idea for combining the two treats when Toronto's The Grind TO challenged him and other local chefs to create a new pastry out of two existing ones.

""I'm a big kid at heart, and Oreos are one of my favourites--they're such a classic," Jansen-Reynaud told The Grid TO. "We tried several shapes and sizes, and had to be careful combining the different textures and letting the dough rise slowly so the cookies' cream would not ooze out."

Other creations that resulted from the challenge included the "wafflemon bun" from Bunner's bake shop, a cinnamon bun waffle "topped with a slathering of maple cream cheese frosting that fills the waffle pockets nicely," and Forno Cultura's black forest tramezzino, a version of a tramezzino made from biscotti ends.

Jansen-Reynaud says he wasn't inspired by the Cronut™ and hadn't even heard of it until the challenge. Either way, the Internet seems to think this Crookie is a strong Cronut™ contender. Only time will tell.

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