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Mr. Show, Chalkboard Paint, and the Perils of Owning a Bar with Crudo's Micah Olson

Last time we talked with Micah Olson, he was mixing drinks and running the wine program at Jade Bar, Sanctuary on Camelback's acclaimed cocktail lounge. He's now part-owner of the new Italian eatery Crudo.

What's different about this place? Well, I'm the owner, so there's that. Compared to Sanctuary and Merc Bar, this place is a little calmer and definitely more of a focus on the cocktails compared to everything else. Like at Merc Bar, it's kind of like a club/lounge, and a lot of people still drink vodka Red Bulls -- you get the people who want to hang out at a cool cocktail lounge as well as the people who just say, "I want to get drunk." Jade Bar had a focus on driving numbers -- it was very corporate for not being a corporate hotel. They're not as worried about putting out a good cocktail as they are about meeting numbers. I look at the bottom line as well, but as long as there's enough money to pay the bills and I'm putting out great cocktails, I'm happy.

Is this a better environment for you? I really enjoy it. This is week three now, and I still haven't made a Lemon Drop or a Cosmo yet.

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