Murray Carter, 17th generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith, at Phoenix Knife House on Monday

How big of a deal is bladesmith Murray Carter to knife enthusiasts?

In addition to possibly being the only Caucasian to take the position of number seventeen in the Sakemoto family tradition of Yoshimoto bladesmithing (this after 18 years of training in rural Japan), Carter's also been awarded the rating of Mastersmith by the American Bladesmith Society and owns his own cutlery business, with knives ranging from around $300 to $700.

(Oh, and he also has a YouTube video where he shaves with a 21" sword.)

Wanna meet him? You bet you do.

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At 1 p.m., Monday, September 16, Carter will be at the Phoenix Knife House, the top-notch cutlery shop owned by ex-New York restaurant chef Eytan Zias, where he'll do a knife sharpening demo and a Q&A.

And here's the best part: it's free.

No cost, no reservations, just 90 minutes of a bladesmith Zias tells me is one of the top two knife makers in North America sharing sharpening tips and answering questions.

It promises to be anything be dull.

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