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My Tea Brings Bubble Milk Tea, Shaved Ice, and More to Midtown Phoenix

If you're looking to get your fix of milk tea or shaved ice in central Phoenix, then you may want to check out My Tea, a new-ish tea and snack shop located on Central Avenue just south of Camelback Road. The cafe opened about two months ago at 4750 North Central Avenue, in the former home of Zooks, which relocated north to Uptown Plaza. 

The menu includes customizable milk tea drinks, shaved ice, shaved sno (Taiwanese-style shaved ice), smoothies, coffee drinks, and a small selection of snacks. Food options include French fries, onion rings, pretzels, and mozzarella sticks, though it's clear the focus is on the milk tea drinks. 

If you're not familiar, bubble milk tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink that combines either green or black tea with milk and flavored syrups, as well as including small tapioca balls (called boba, pearls, or bubbles). At My Tea, you can customize the entire drink starting with either a green or black tea base and your choice of either dairy or non-dairy creamer. We love that the shop offers several non-dairy options including coconut, almond, or hemp milk, as well as whole milk for the lactose tolerant.

From there, guests can add flavors to their tea, including everything from strawberry, chocolate, caramel, and coconut to Irish cream, pumpkin spice, match green tea, and toasted caramel. According to the shop's website, My Tea uses Monin syrup flavors and makes its own sweeteners with pure cane sugar. And if you're not looking for anything too sweet, you can elect to have your drink made unsweetened or only lightly sweetened.

As for the shaved ice, the shop offers both the icy, "Arizona" shaved ice, as it's called on the menu, as well as the more fluffy, Taiwanese-style shaved sno. Both can be ordered in a variety of flavors and the menu includes pre-designed sno creations such as the Twix, made with chocolate sno, graham crackers, caramel, and chocolate sauce. 

My Tea makes a comfy spot to hang out with both tables and couch seating for customers to enjoy. There are also board games and free Wi-Fi.  

For more information, check the My Tea website

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Lauren Saria
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