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Nachobot Opens Tonight

If hunger strikes while you're out at First Friday this evening, Jobot's John Sagasta will be serving up something to satisfy your cravings (and we ain't talking about those tasty crepes). 

He's launching his new venture Nachobot tonight a few doors down from Jobot, offering chips covered with gooey cheese and gourmet toppings.

"It's gonna be nachos, but we're fucking around with the toppings, kinda like we did with the crepes," he says. "Tricking things out a bit and adding with all this good stuff to go with the chips and cheese."

And just like with Jobot's crepes, only three or four varieties of nachos will be available at first. The menu will slowly expand as he and Jobot chef Dominic Fasano come up with new topping combinations.

"And that's kinda why I brought Dominic on at Jobot, for this kind of thing. He just likes to do all this different shit with what he makes, like we did with the crepes," Sagasta says. "It's definitely something different. Stuff you won't typically see with nachos."

So far, they've come up with nachos inspired by Buffalo wings (with fresh chicken morsels covered in a spicy sauce, celery and carrot bits, and melted blue cheese) and Sonoran hot dogs (with Schreiner's sausage, thick-cut bacon, pickled jalapeños, and a peppered cheese sauce.

A vegetarian option (featuing mushrooms and white cheeses like Oaxaca and mozzarella) is also in the works and salsa made from a recipe created by Sagasta's mother will also be available.

"It's gonna be pretty sharp," Sagasta says.

Sagasta says Nachobot will be offer late night hours, staying open until midnight on weekdays and until 4 a.m. on weekends, giving downtown drinkers and ASU students another option for early-morning eats.

Snackheads won't have trouble finding Nachobot, which is located next door to the Lost Leaf, as Sagasta and his crew recently installed an groovy-looking arrow-shaped sign spelling out "Munchies" in neon (created by Sue Meyers of Bend-A-Light Studio) outside.

Sagasta originally planned to wait until the beginning of the year to open Nachobot (as in, "not Jobot"). When nearby gallery Of the Earth vacated its space on Fifth Street last month, however, he snagged half of their former spot and accelerated his plans. (Newly opened boutique MissConstrued will occupy the other half of the same building.)

"All of a sudden, a door cracks open and a space become available," he says. "We had some extra equipment lying around and we thought, maybe we can get this going right away."

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