Name Kitchen 56's Giant-Ass $18 Burger (and Then Possibly Be Killed By It)

Extending a middle finger high and proud to rising food prices, world hunger, and nationwide obesity, Kitchen 56, the Arcadia restaurant serving American comfort food, wants you to name its newest burger. The reward? The winner gets one a month until the end of the year. Where, given the burger's undoubtedly high fat and calorie content there's a chance that -- AAAACK!

Not that Kitchen 56's fans don't know a triple bypass waiting to happen when they see one. After all, the Valley was home to Heart Attack Grill until it moved to Las Vegas.

Plus, given its list of ingredients, it's no wonder some of the restaurant's Facebook fans have already started giving the burger some heart-stopping monikers.

Featuring two Black Angus patties, fontina cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onion marmalade, pulled pork, and onion straws on a brioche bun, the $18 name-me burger (currently on the menu) already has garnered such entries as YOLO (You Only Live Once), The Triple B: The Big-ass Beautiful Burger, and Cabbage Maker (apparently, open heart and bypass surgery is referred to as a cabbage in the medical field) on the restaurant's Facebook page.

Those wanting to give a title to Kitchen 56's newest burger can go to the restaurant's Facebook page and post ideas on the wall throughout July.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld