The Mango Deck
The Mango Deck
Zach Fowle

Nate Kolasa's Mango Deck

Yesterday we met Nate Kolasa, who keeps the tequila flowing and the smiles showing at Scottsdale's Loco Patron. Today he shares with us the recipe for the Mango Deck, a drink he crafted after a trip to Mexico that's earned its place on the bar's drink menu.

"I was in Cabo San Lucas three years ago, and there was a bar there called the Mango Deck that became my favorite bar," Kolasa says. "I spent like two days partying at the beach there. When I came back here I decided to memorialize it by making a drink."

The Mango Deck's simple yet effective -- it tastes like a smoother vodka Red Bull, the sweet mango and orange juice rounding out the harsher edges of the vodka.

Get the recipe after the jump.

The ingredients:
2 oz. Three Olives Mango
4 oz. Red Bull
Splash orange juice

How to make it:
Combine ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Shake well. Pour into a rocks glass and imagine yourself basking in the Cabo sun. 

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