National Bagels and Lox Day: Where to Get Your Schmear Here

Today is National Bagels and Lox Day.  We have to admit that nothing beats a New York city bagel.  But since the NYC weather report is showing temps topping out at just above the freezing mark, we'll stay put with the snowbirds in sunny Phoenix while we indulge.

A bagel is only brag-worthy when it is made from scratch and then dunked in boiling water before being baked to chewy perfection, anything else is just bread in a donut shape.  Add smoked fish, cream cheese, and onions, and you've got an oddball marriage of ingredients that make bagels and lox a holy union of delicious.  

Because they're everywhere, with locations in Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and Phoenix, we might pop in to Chompies.  Known for their mile high rueben, Chompies also makes quality bagels that have become a valley institution.  They serve theirs straight up or with an egg if you want a bigger breakfast.

We can always count on NY Bagels and Bialys where the owners promise that the bagels are all freshly made and invite you to ask to see the kettle as proof.  Grab a friend - or two and order the Fish Platter for two with nova lox, bagels and bialys.  Add capers, or not, either way the platter is delicious and we won't tell anyone if you eat the whole thing yourself.

If a clever name is anything, then Lox Stock and Bagels in Scottsdale might be the ideal bagel and lox stop. Make a lunch run and try theirs with "the works", adding olives, tomatoes, and a side of potato salad or slaw.

Whether you decide to make it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, pick your favorite local place to grab a plate of bagels and lox. And don't have a second thought about the whole NYC bagel thing. After all, we're the ones eating outside in February. 

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