National Burger Month: Your New Favorite Holiday Starts With Windy City Sliders

Our calendar is chock-full of pointless holidays: Sweetest Day, Arbor Day, National Boss Day, there's even a National Children's Day (yeah, like they need another one). So when a holiday in May comes along called National Burger Month, I don't ask questions. What's the history of it? Who knows? Where did it come from? Who cares? Just go with it and use it as an excuse to bite into your favorite burger.

I'm celebrating the first week of National Burger Month by scarfin' down one of my Phoenix favorites: The Windy City Sliders at Chicago Hamburger Company. Plain or with cheese, the big secret to these mini-burgers is in the details: A great burger, a better bun, spicy brown mustard, crunchy pickles, and just enough onions and ketchup. Grab one, or four, or six, or a bag of ten, and thank the burger gods for Chicago transplants in Phoenix.

And speaking of sliders, the first FAIL for National Burger Month? White Castle, with its Slyder-scented candle.

White Castle is commemorating National Burger Month by launching a Slyder scented candle today. Well, they were. As of early this morning they sold out. The $10 candle is was packaged in a ceramic replica of the signature cardboard sleeve with all net proceeds going to Autism Speaks, which is obviously not speaking much louder than it was thanks to White Castle making what, like five of these?

Hopefully, they make more. 'Cause I want one. A house that smells like Slyders? Why not?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.