National Pecan Pie Day: A Cocktail Recipe for Boozehounds

It's time for another cocktail! Today's recipe comes from Mabel's on Main in Scottsdale.

For National Pecan Pie Day, local bartender Clint Spotleson whipped up a cocktail that he decided to name the "Pecan Flip". His recipe is slightly more advanced than usual, because of the use of a certain element of protein.

But worry not - it's easy as pie.

When we first proposed the idea to Spotleson, he gave us a quizzical look (apparently he doesn't get asked to make food day cocktails too often), but soon after, he got to work.

He took his time choosing appropriate ingredients to add to the Pecan Flip, picked out an egg from a crate, and shook the ingredients in the shaker like his life depended on it. Within about 10 minutes, a drink was poured before us.

The Pecan Flip was light and frothy. Immediately, we were hit with the freshly ground cinnamon, then the smooth nutty notes of Amaretto and Frangelico, and finally, the deep bourbon.

Altogether, the compilation of ingredients created a symphony of flavors reminiscent of warm pecan pie (with plenty bourbon, sure, but for a cocktail it's appropriate).

Pecan Flip Recipe: 2 oz. bourbon 1/2 oz Frangelico 1/2 oz amaretto 1/4 oz Liquor 43 1 full egg Dash of Angostura orange bitters Ground cinnamon for garnish Shake well.

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